Great Lakes Contractors’ fine painters serve residential and commercial customers. Our first-class painters and staff make painting projects fun and easy. Great Lakes Contractors’ exterior painting services include pressure washing, wood and siding repairs, caulking, and all needed prep work before your exterior painting project begins. Take a look at your exterior painting options below and schedule your quote today.
Great Lakes painters will prepare your home or commercial building for painting, starting with cleaning all surfaces to be painted. Pressure washing prior to painting will remove dirt, chalk, mold, and algae, creating the ideal surface for top finish coats of paint to adhere to.
Great Lakes painters will prep exterior painting surfaces! Our painting team will scrape all loose peeling paint from all exterior surfaces, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, cedar, stucco, brick
- whatever the surface you have. Our painters will prep the area to be painted professionally, neatly and clean. Our painting team will collect paint chips and dispose of them for you.
The Great Lakes painting team will apply premium paint primer, protecting any bare exterior surfaces. Our painting team will seal the exterior surface where needed, making your exterior painting surface ready for fresh coats of paint to adhere to. Our fine painters use the best quality product for the best immediate and long term success.
The Great Lakes Contractors painting team will cover any surface not being painted, preventing any splashing of paint or drips. Our exterior painting team will apply the recommended amount of paint to your exterior smooth or rough surface. Our exterior painting team will applying new fresh paint or stain by brush, roller or sprayer depending on the most effective procedure and surface for your exterior siding.
Having a hard time choosing colors? Let our painting professional staff help you coordinate your home or business color choices. That is what we are in business to do. Who better to help make the most important color decision? Our staff will provide your with the tools to make your color painting choices easy.
Our painting team can cover all surfaces for your home or commercial building. Believe that anything is possible today with new paint technologies out there. Our fine painters can apply paint to just about any surface, including vinyl, aluminum, wood, cedar, cement, stucco, brick, stone, plastic, and metal. Contact us today to schedule your exterior painting quote.
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