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Two-Year Limited Warranty
For a period of 24 months from the date the work descried on the contract has been completed,
Great Lakes Contractors will repair any newly applied paint which may peel or blister as a result of a defect in the workmanship free of any labor charge.
Warranty Limitations
· The cost of paint required to perform the repairs are not covered by this warranty.
· Any work where Great Lakes Contractors did not supply the paint or other materials is not covered by this warranty.
· Repairs will only be performed to the level of surface preparation section of original executed contract.
· Varnish surfaces, or surfaces made of or containing galvanized metal are not coved by this warranty.
· Horizontal surfaces, or any surface that, by virtue of its design allow moisture to collect. Such surfaces include but are not limited to decks, railings, stains, porches, roofs and wood gutters.
· Failure of coatings underneath newly applied coatings. This includes peeling paint to a bare substrate, unless Great Lakes Contractors applied all coatings to that substrate.
· Repairs will be performed only on the specific areas where peeling and/or blistering has occurred. Exact color match is not warranted as there is the likelihood that the original paint will have faded by the time repairs are performed.
· Pealing or blistering, which results from a defect in the paint applied, is not covered by this warranty regardless of whether supplied by Great Lakes Contractors or by the customer. For details on warranties applicable to the paint, please consult the label on paint manufacturer’s paint can.
Customers Responsibilities
For this warranty to be effective you must:
· Pay the full contract price
· Retain a copy of executed contract
· Retain evidence of cancelled check or other evidence of payment in full.
· Pay for all materials used to perform the repairs.
· Make the property reasonably accessible to Great Lakes Contractors
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