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Insulation Spray Foam

For decades, fiberglass and cellulose padding formed the chief barrier between the thin inner and outer walls, keeping homes warm in the winter and cool in the summer, albeit imperfectly. Among the many challenges builders faced when using it was compensating for its porous body, which allowed some air to still flow in and out of it and which caused it to sag and compress over time, creating a thinner and less effective barrier.

However, new spray foam insulation has largely overcome that challenge, making it a virtually impenetrable and uncompactable barrier that can improve a home’s energy efficiency by up to 50%.

It’s benefits over traditional insulation include:

Conforming Size & Shape

Unlike traditional insulation, which has a set shape and must be cut to fit, spray foam is fluid until set and can expand up to 100 times its size, filling cracks and crevices that traditional insulation cannot. Spray foam makes it easy to fill unusual shapes and can also fill spaces more tightly than batting.

Superior Insulation

Spray foam is largely impermeable to air, giving it better insulative properties than either cellulose or fiberglass padding. This means your home will retain more heat in the winter and more air conditioning in the summer, resulting in a more comfortable environment and lower energy bills.

Noise Reduction

Open-cell spray foam is sound dampening, offering you more privacy inside and peace and quiet from the outside. If you live in a busy neighborhood, this can be a particularly good choice of insulation.


Spray foam, unlike padding, does not absorb or retain water, making it less prone to damage and less likely to become a breeding ground for mold. It can not only be a healthier choice for your family, but also a less costly one over the life of the home.


Spray foam does not sag or compact over time, does not disintegrate, and does not need periodically reapplied. When completely set, it is hard and durable and can last for the lifetime of your home.

Allergen Reduction

Because spray foam creates a hard, nearly impenetrable barrier against the outside air, it blocks allergens and does not retain dust, making it an ideal solution for those with severe allergies or asthma. Its durability also inhibits mice and insects from building nests between your walls, since it offers neither a food source nor nesting materials like padding.

Cincinnati spray foam Spray foam is used to insulate new homes, but it can also be added to existing homes during renovation. Attics, walls, crawl spaces, basements, and ceilings can all benefit from the efficiency and durability of spray foam.

Great lakes Insulation Spray Foam

Whether you’re building a new home, adding an addition, or wanting to upgrade your home with an earth- and budget-friendly alternative to padding, give our crews a call at (216) 631-7777 or fill out the form on our website and let us talk with you about spray foam insulation to see if this would be a good choice for your home

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“... This is the most comfortable house I ever lived in. Thanks for all the great service and friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommended for short or long stays!”
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“... This is the most comfortable house I ever lived in. Thanks for all the great service and friendly atmosphere. Definitely recommended for short or long stays!”
Jack Donson