Interior Painting
Whether you want to freshen the appearance of your home with this year’s newest colors or need a complete wall restoration and paint solution for your business, Great Lakes Contractors stands ready to help with the knowledge and experience you need to achieve your vision.

Our experienced crews can walk you through the process of choosing the right colors and paint type for your room and budget, prepare the walls for painting using best practices that will ensure the longest possible life for your paint job, and repair wall damage prior to beginning the work for a room that looks next thing to new.
Our services include:
Color consulting
If you want a fresh new look, but are unsure how to use colors to their best effect, we can help you choose a scheme that is right for you. We help you assess the colors that are already in your room, such as those in your major pieces of furniture and carpeting; determine the mood you want to create; consider transitions from one room to another, and balance current trends with a look that will be keep impressing guests year after year.
Wallpaper removal
No need to struggle removing wallpaper strip by strip. We can save you days of work by removing borders or floor-to-ceiling wallpaper quickly and efficiently.
Drywall repair
Over time, nail holes, dents, and cracks can damage the surface of your wall. Repainting does not fix or mask these problems - they simply show them in a new light. That’s why we do a thorough inspection of your walls before we begin painting, bringing any imperfections to your attention and fixing these problems before we begin for a satin-smooth surface that’s almost like new.
Washing and stain removal
Dirt and dust may not show up today, but they can drastically decrease the life of your paint job by causing poor adhesion, which will show up as bubbling or peeling paint in the future. For long-lasting, quality coverage, we thoroughly wash your walls prior to painting, including removing as many stains as possible to prevent bleed-through.
Surface preparation
To ensure the new paint will adhere to the old, we roughen all glossy surfaces before we begin, remove any bubbling or peeling paint that can compromise the integrity of the new coat, and apply quality primers specifically chosen to match your paint type and color.
Finally, our experienced crews paint your walls with a skill and efficiency that only comes with practice. With expert attention and thorough knowledge of all paint types, styles, and techniques, we transform your room into the fresh, brilliant place you want it to be.
If you have a home or business anywhere in the Greater Cleveland area, including Cleveland, Lakewood, North Olmsted, Middleburg Heights, Parma, Bedford, or any of the surrounding communities, we invite you to contact us at (216) 631-7777
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