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Carpeting Sales & Installation

Once a luxury item, carpeting is now a standard feature of most homes. Not only does it add beauty and comfort, but it can also save you money and help you care for the environment, since it can be up to 17 times more insulating than other flooring materials.

If your looking for flooring, nothing presents you with a wider variety of options than carpet. Our crews at Great Lakes Contractors can help you walk through the entire process, from selection to installation.

Some of the services we provide include:

In-home consultations

We know that the best place to look at carpet is in the context of your own home, so you can compare colors and textures with the colors and fabrics present in the room in which it will be laid. We bring a plethora of carpet styles and colors for all budgets to your front door, including those from some of the best-loved mills, such as Mohawk, Kraus, Shaw, and Beaulieu of America.

Carpet sales

If you like a sample you see, there’s no reason to trek out to the nearest carpet store to make your purchase. We deal directly in carpet sales to save you time and money – simply make your selection and we’ll purchase it directly from the vendor. Our experienced crews also know just how much to purchase, so you never have to worry about having too much or not enough.

Cleveland carpet installation Carpet removal & installation

Once you’ve purchased your carpet our crews take care of the process from start to finish, including removing and disposing of any old carpet and installing premium 8 lb padding made from sponge, foam, and recycled rubber – very similar to that which you can find in the seat of your car. Although padding is a feature seldom thought about, we believe it to be one of the defining factors between a carpet that feels good and one that feels great. Proper padding also extends the life of the carpet by adding a protective buffer that absorbs the impact of even the hardest footfalls.

Unlike traditional carpet salesmen, who except the customer to come to them, we come to you – not as a number on our list or a sale in our register, but as a person who deserves personal service and attention. We take the time to understand your needs, hear your wants, respect your budget, and visit your home.


we have more than 30+ years of experience in the field and have become one of the area’s most trusted names in painting homes.

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