Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

While small appliances can be plugged into any wall socket directly out of the box, larger appliances and technology devices often require dedicated circuits. If you home is missing one of these circuits, does not have them in sufficient number, or you’re preparing to add more during a remodeling or home addition project, we can safely and easily equip your home to accommodate them.

Some appliances for which dedicated circuits are required or recommended include:

• Refrigerators
• Freezers
• Stoves & ovens
• Washers & dryers
• Dishwashers & garbage disposals
• Water heaters
• Heating & cooling systems
• Flat screen TVs
• Garage Door Openers
• Sump & water pumps
• Central vacuums
• Whirpools/hot tubs/jacuzzis/saunas
• Microwaves (recommended)
• Window air conditioners (recommended)

These large appliances often pull more amps than regular wall circuits are designed to carry, putting your appliance at risk and creating a fire hazard. Very large appliances, such as stoves and washer & dryers, will usually have a different plug that can only fit into appropriately-rated outlets. However smaller appliances, such as big screen TVs, microwaves, and window air conditioners can often be plugged into normal outlets, regardless of whether this is healthy or safe for your home or the appliance.

If you regularly trip breakers while running the toaster and the microwave together or your big screen TV and the vacuum, this is a good indication that you need a dedicated circuit. In addition, the National Electrical Code requires all fixed appliances (refrigerators, hot water heaters, washers & dryers, etc.) to be on its own circuit, as well as most other appliances with a motor.

Additional circuits may also be necessary for outdoor wiring, especially wiring for large devices, such as fountains, hot tubs, and spas. Before you install any one of these, ask a professional to assess your current situation and install the appropriate dedicated circuit for your asset.

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