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Electrical Accessories installation

Great Lakes Contractors

 Electrical services in Cleveland Ohio the experts in custom light installation and design. They are knowledgeable in both interior and exterior lighting setup as well as recessed lighting, dimmers, LED retrofits, and repairs. No matter what type of lighting you decide that you want Great Lakes Contractors can assist you. 


Flush Mount Lighting

Flush mount lights sit completely flush with the ceiling. It does not leave a space or opening between the fixtures. It’s perfect for minimal designs, and its subtlety enhances the look of your existing space. 


Semi-Flush Mount Lights

Semi-flush mount lights are similar to flush mounts except there is a space between the ceiling and the fixture. The space in between is a stylistic choice. Most of these mount types are elaborate in design and perfect for all style types. 



Chandeliers are a beautiful addition to any dining room and living space. Many think a chandelier is fit for more formal areas, but now, they are making their way into living rooms, dining rooms, and even bedrooms. It adds an air of sophistication in any space with varying styles to choose from. You may select a more traditional style that fits the formal dining area or move towards a contemporary style that befits the décor. A chandelier is a unique and stunning design choice.


Recessed Lighting

Recessed lighting are lights installed directly into the ceiling. The light sits flush while the electrical wiring and housing are hidden away. Recessed lighting bulbs are significantly more energy efficient and still present varying styles. You may choose different lighting temperatures for each room to create a distinct atmosphere. You may choose daylight which is a beautiful bright white that mimics the brightness of daytime. Soft white color is perfect for office or bedroom lighting because it is easier on the eyes and does not overpower your room. You must also consider the layout of the lighting. If you have a whole set of recessed lighting, Great Lakes Contractors will ensure that your layout is symmetrical and equally spaced throughout the room; even two or three misaligned lights would bother anyone. 


Track Lighting

Track lighting uses a support railing that is mounted on the ceiling. The railing powers individual light bulbs and allows for customizability. The directional bulbs cast light on any spot rather a fixed point in space because of the maneuverability of the track system. They are often out of sight and close to the ceiling and are used as accents to the room décor rather than as a centerpiece. There are sub-types of track lighting such as standard track lighting, monorail lighting, and cable lighting. The difference between the standard track lighting and monorail lighting is like the flush mount and semi-flush mount lighting. One is flush is against the ceiling (flush mount and standard track) and the other drops a little bit from the ceiling to leave a space between the fixture and the ceiling (monorail and semi-flush).


Ceiling Fans

At Great Lakes Contractors, we offer ceiling fan installation and repair services to help Ohio homeowners stay cool during the hot summers and save money on their air conditioning bills. We are experienced at installing a variety of ceiling fan types, from high-tech ceiling fans with remote controls to ceiling fans with and without lights.

Ceiling fans are a great home improvement investment as they help in the proper circulation of air which provides relief from the often unbearable heat as well as a nice supply of fresh air in rooms with no ventilation arrangements



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